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Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

In this episode Rachel McCrystal and I sit down in the grass pasture with the turkeys at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Rachel introduces the beautiful turkeys and tells us that Beatrice is nine years old, which is very uncommon for turkeys to live this long. Beatrice 

Episode 9 FREEDOM FARM SANCTUARY in Olesh, Israel with Adit Romano and Ruth Levy-Abramson

Episode 9 FREEDOM FARM SANCTUARY in Olesh, Israel with Adit Romano and Ruth Levy-Abramson

Adit Ramano is the co-founder of Freedom Farm Sanctuary in Olesh, Israel. She and Ruth Levy Abramson, humane educator and translator for the farm sit down with me to discuss the work they are doing, the animals they have rescued, how the sanctuary was started, 

Episode 8                                  HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

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Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Lauren tells the story of how HHHH Farm Rescue was started, and her first rescue, Celtic (a horse), and purchasing her own farm when she turned 25. She discusses her second rescue and the latest rescue (Beau) another horse.

They recently rescued Veda (meaning life) and Sasha (meaning protector) two sisters from an auction selling animals for a sacrificial holiday.

Lauren talks about the use of animals as property, the tags and paint their “owners” use to identify them, and the reason for this in animal agriculture.

We discuss the plight of animals in the industry, from animal agriculture to horse racing. We talk about her rescued cows and how friendly and sweet they are. (they are best friends) Lauren and I talk about the heart on Hamilton’s head, (who I mixed up with Oatmeal)… and their rescue story.

Lauren discusses ways to support the sanctuary, volunteering, and their visitor day coming soon.

HHHH Farm Rescue is a family affair. Lauren’s family is very involved with helping keep the sanctuary running by helping out and supporting her mission.

If you would like to support HHHH Farm Rescue visit the website. Links to donate and other info. are on the site.



To learn more about the horse racing industry, visit Horse Racing Wrongs:



Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman

Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman

In this episode Todd Friedman tells the story of how Arthurโ€™s Acres was started and talks about the animals he has rescued.   We discuss the dark side of animal agriculture, about different alternatives and options to meat products and the impact animal agriculture has 

Episode 6 – Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

Episode 6 – Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

Jennie and Jason Hays, the founders of Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary, in Luther Oklahoma talk about the work they do and the animals they rescue. This animal sanctuary is run solely by volunteers. Jennie and Jason work at other jobs to support themselves and 

Episode 5 –                                    JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

Episode 5 – JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

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Episode 5 - JP Farm Animal Sanctuary
Oscar and Lynn

For this episode I visit Oscar and Lynn, the founders of JP Farm Sanctuary, to talk with them, and Oscar’s sister Britt about life on the farm and the wonderful work they are doing. We are in the living room of the gorgeous house they designed and built in Litchfield, Connecticut overlooking the pasture where the cows graze. Just down the hill I can see the progress of the new barn being built for two new residents coming soon. The entire property is surrounded by tall trees and a bright blue sky.

Oscar begins by telling the story from the beginning of how the sanctuary got started and how it has progressed. Lynne and Britt talk about the amazing bond the cows have with Oscar, and his nickname “the cow whisperer.” They share the story of Tallulah and working with Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY to bring her here to their sanctuary.

Lynn talks about the new residents, two pigs “Beanie Tofu and Dolphin” also known as “the pink girls” coming to the sanctuary soon, and the story of how they were rescued from becoming meat.

Oscars sister Britt shares different ways to stay in touch with the sanctuary and the work they are doing, and talks about her work at the sanctuary after moving from the Netherlands back to the states to be with her family and living the dream~

They all talk about what a privilege it is and how centering it is to spend time with and connect with the animals.

Their first volunteer day was Sunday, August 18th and there will be more to come.

We discuss food, family, and fun and ways that anyone listening can support the beautiful work they are doing here at the sanctuary. They all love to cook and Britt took a plant based class and loves to convert recipes by using plant based substitutes and alternatives. Anyone listening can email her to inquire about recipes and plant based food, or follow her Instagram (britt_kitchenoflove) Britt Janssen Kitchen of Love .

Britt talks about pain management for a few of the cows who have hip dysplasia (a bilateral malformation of the hip  joint, often associated with secondary osteoarthritis) and how cold laser and other modalities are helping them cope with the pain.

Oscar shares the rescue story of their dogs who were rescued from Little Pink Shelter in Westport, Arkansas and the process of rescuing animals from them. https://www.pinkshelter.com

Lynn talks about the way they start their day by talking to the animals and enjoying the stillness in the cow barn. Oscar says “it’s just such a privilege to be in the presence of these beautiful creatures.” Lynn hopes they can share the feeling with others so that they have the opportunity to look at the animals in the eye and see the joy. They have opportunities to volunteer and in the future may have tours for visitors to meet the animals and learn more about the work they are doing.

Please follow JP Farm Animal Sanctuary on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website to follow the blog and to support.

To learn more or to support the sanctuary please visit jpfarmsanctuary.org

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