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Episode 25 – Joy Gomez – Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary  – Caregivers Corner

Episode 25 – Joy Gomez – Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary – Caregivers Corner

In this new series, “Caregivers Corner,” I sit down with caregivers from different sanctuaries to talk about their work as caregivers. Joy Gomez is the farm manager and a caregiver at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in Poughquag, New York. Joy and I discuss their recent 

Episode 23 – Kathy Stevens –     Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Episode 23 – Kathy Stevens – Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Kathy Stevens, Founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, author of Where the Blind Horse Sings, and Animal Camp, public speaker, educator and much more, sits down with me at the sanctuary amidst the goats, chickens, sheep, turkeys, and other animal friends whom she calls the “under-foots.” 

Episode 20 – Party Animals Catering – Mike Barootjian

Episode 20 – Party Animals Catering – Mike Barootjian

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Episode 20 - Party Animals Catering - Mike Barootjian
Mike with Villette at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

Mike Barootijian is the owner and head chef of Party Animals Catering – A vegan catering service and meal plan service in the Hudson Valley in New York. It was a pleasure to sit down with Mike and discuss his work, his vegan story, and much more.

Mike working hard at the Farm and Flea event at Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh, New York.

We talked about his recent trip with me to tour Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary and how connecting with the animals fuels his fire and validates why he does the work he is doing. We discussed the work Mike does at various events, including Hudson Valley Veg Fest, and other veg fests, his meal plan service and how to connect with Mike to order his food or book Party Animals for your next event.

Kevin Hillier and Mike Barootjian

We are excited to announce that Mike will be the chef cooking at the first Vegan Cooking Class and Tasting with Party Animals Catering at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in their new location just down the mountain from the previous location in Poughquag, New York on Saturday, January 18, 2020. This is a free event open to the first fifteen people who sign up. Mike will demo how to make his FAMOUS Mac n cheese, vegan meat loaf, delicious roasted Brussel sprouts and share this deliciousness with all participants!! In addition to the cooking class and demo, everyone will enjoy a guided tour and meet some of the rescued animals who call this beautiful sanctuary home.

Sanctuary Tour at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary
Kim and Mike with some of the rescued goats who call the sanctuary home.

To connect with Mike, please visit Party Animals Website or find him on Instagram or Facebook. If you are in or near the Hudson Valley, Mike will help you with your next event or party, or provide delicious gluten free – vegan food for you to pick up at designated locations.

Mike and Violet.

Please visit Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary to learn more about the incredible work they are doing with rescued animals and to support this crucial work.

Jules before her friends came to join her at the sanctuary.

If you are interested in the vegan cooking class or future vegan cooking classes, please email kim@sanctuarytour.org

Episode 16                                        Farmshire Animal Sanctuary

Episode 16 Farmshire Animal Sanctuary

During a recent trip to North Carolina I was excited to visit Farmshire Animal Sanctuary located in Clyde, just outside of Asheville. It was awesome to visit with the animals, and to sit down with Sarah and Calen to talk about this beautiful sanctuary and 

Episode 15 –                          Mark Hawthorne – Author of Striking at the Roots – A Pratical Guide to Animal Activism

Episode 15 – Mark Hawthorne – Author of Striking at the Roots – A Pratical Guide to Animal Activism

I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Mark at the Gray Barn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, to discuss his book, Striking at the Roots- A Practical Guide to Animal Activism. Mark recently released the second edition of the book, (ten year anniversary) with 

Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

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Episode 10 - Woodstock Farm Sanctuary - Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

In this episode Rachel McCrystal and I sit down in the grass pasture with the turkeys at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Rachel introduces the beautiful turkeys and tells us that Beatrice is nine years old, which is very uncommon for turkeys to live this long. Beatrice is severely de-beaked and had to be fed by a syringe when she first came here. Rachel tells the story of how Beatrice came to the sanctuary. In addition to de-beaking, Rachel explains that turkeys are also de-toed which is done without anesthesia and is legal in the industry, as there are no guidelines and rules to protect birds (fowl). We discuss Loren and her issues with bumble foot, her beautiful wrapping (fancy shoes) done by caregiver, Brooke Burbee, and how they came up with a special plan just for her to address her foot issues. We discuss the care that is given to the turkeys due to all of the issues that come up from being born into and exploited in animal agriculture. They are units of production in the industry, and they endure so much cruelty and trauma as babies -all to be used as food for a quick meal. All of the turkeys at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary were meant to be used for food at Thanksgiving or another holiday.

Rachel talks about how turkeys love spending time with people and how their caruncles change colors depending on the mood that they are in. Turkeys are very territorial and have to be separated into the groups that DO get along! They have so many human like qualities. People that visit the sanctuary expect to connect more with a goat or a sheep or pig, but so often visitors connect most with the turkeys once they see how affectionate and loving they are.

We discuss the amount of turkeys killed all year (which is about 100 million turkeys) and how that number goes up during the holiday months to about 45 million JUST during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkeys killed for meat are just babies “poults” when they are killed.

One of the awesome and most anticipated events at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is ThanksLIVING!! This year it will be on November 9th. Rachel talks about this event and how to get tickets or to volunteer. Held on site at the sanctuary, this is a celebration of life and honoring of the turkeys at the sanctuary, and a way to pay honor and respect to those who are not yet, or will never be liberated. Beatrice is the covergirl for this event! The turkeys eat their pumpkin pie and treats before the humans are served! (I love this)… They will also recognize advocates and activists who are making a difference for the animals. This year’s honorees include musician-filmmaker Rob Zombie and actress Sheri Moon Zombie, – animal rights advocates and activists who use their careers as a platform, and Lauren Ornelas, the founder and executive director of the Food Empowerment Project.

photo courtesy of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

This year, the food is being prepared by Lagusta Yearwood of Lagusta’s Commissary in New Paltz, New York and desserts are by Maresa Volante of Sweet Maresa’s. It’s going to be amazing! Tickets are going fast, so get your tickets soon! You don’t want to miss out on this exciting event! Lucky for us, Lagusta has just written a new cookbook SWEET + SALTY and it is fabulous! Lagusta’s cookbook has been featured in the holiday issue of Veg News magazine as one of their top picks for today’s latest and greatest cookbooks! How awesome is that??!

photo courtesy of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Rachel and I discussed different options and alternatives for thanksgiving dinner, ways to replace traditional dishes, and to create new traditions. Compassionate Cuisine, a cookbook written by the chefs and Kathy Stevens (founder) at Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a great cookbook with lots of good vegan recipes.

Rachel also mentions the New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program started by Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I am personally a vegan mentor with New Leaf Mentor Program, and would love to connect with anyone who has questions or needs support.

Rachel discusses the organization, Peace Advocacy Network, (PAN) which gives lots of resources and support for going vegan.

Volunteers are always needed on thanksgiving day. If you are near Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and would like to volunteer, please sign up!

Woodstock, along with Barn Sanctuary in Michigan recently rescued 98 chickens who are now called the “Hudson Valley Hundred” and have adopted out some of the chickens to other sanctuaries. We discuss the egg laying industry, and the meat chicken industry. Please visit the site for the new campaign “Consider the Egg” and learn more about the egg laying industry.


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has openings for interns in all areas if you are interested in learning about working at a sanctuary. To find out more, visit their website.

Episode 8                                  HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Lauren tells the story of how HHHH Farm Rescue was started, and her first rescue, Celtic (a horse), and purchasing her own farm when she turned 25. She discusses her second rescue and the latest rescue (Beau) another horse. They recently rescued Veda (meaning life) 

Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman

Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman

In this episode Todd Friedman tells the story of how Arthur’s Acres was started and talks about the animals he has rescued.   We discuss the dark side of animal agriculture, about different alternatives and options to meat products and the impact animal agriculture has 

Episode 6 – Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

Episode 6 – Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

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Episode 6 - Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary
Oliver and Jennie

Jennie and Jason Hays, the founders of Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary, in Luther Oklahoma talk about the work they do and the animals they rescue. This animal sanctuary is run solely by volunteers. Jennie and Jason work at other jobs to support themselves and the sanctuary, and they have volunteers who work with them and also have other jobs. It’s a labor of love for sure.

Jennie tells us about the first animal they rescued, a pig named Clarice who was an ex- FFA pig and talks about the detrimental effect that programs like FFA and 4-H have on children and their families. These programs are designed to teach children where their food comes from, (which is a good thing) and how to take care of animals, but the end result, after they have loved and cared for the animals is that they are slaughtered for food. This is particularly hard for the young children who have raised and become attached to these animals.

Jennie talks about their beloved Oliver, a sweet camel who the sanctuary is named after and the plight of camels and how they are exploited.

In this episode we discuss “compassion fatigue” and ways to stay healthy when you are rescuing and caring for animals full time.

We discuss different issues with animals in animal agriculture and some of the rescues they have from beef and dairy farmers, as well as the importance of communicating respectfully and professionally with farmers and ranchers. Jennie talks about the love the farmers have for the animals, even though for us it is hard to understand how they do what they do.

Jennie tells us how to volunteer, visit, and support the sanctuary. They have volunteer days and also private tours with hands on time with the animals to get up close and personal with them.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing sanctuary and support the work they are doing please visit their website, or better yet, go visit in person!!


Episode 5 –                                    JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

Episode 5 – JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

For this episode I visit Oscar and Lynn, the founders of JP Farm Sanctuary, to talk with them, and Oscar’s sister Britt about life on the farm and the wonderful work they are doing. We are in the living room of the gorgeous house they