Episode 27 – Veganville, OR: A Sustainable, Loving, and Compassionate Destination

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Episode 27 - Veganville, OR: A Sustainable, Loving, and Compassionate Destination

My partner and I had the privilege of visiting Veganville and having a conversation with the incredible founder, Cecilia Mialon, back in February of 2021. Although the pandemic was raging on, we took a masked and socially-distanced tour of her place before sitting down to learn more.

Not only is Veganville a place of love, compassion, and acceptance for non-human animals, this small farm is a sanctuary for the wildlife and the natural world as well. As a Certified Wildlife Habitat, Veganville decision-makers consider what consequences their actions will have on the land with each decision that they make. Vegaville has a heavy focus on permaculture, sustainable living, and animal care. They also involve the community in their work and invite them to dive deeper though their WWOOFing program.

The Veganville website says the following about the founder, Cecilia: “She has worked closely with Dolphin Project and Free The Mojave Dolphins to help educate the public on the plight of dolphins in Japan and the suffering of dolphins in captivity around the world and the importance of conserving our oceans.  She believes everything that is impacting our environment negatively today is linked to the modern-day agribusiness and the public simply isn’t aware. She believes Veganville encourages that awareness so that the public is able to make that connection for themselves.”

To learn more about Veganville in Oregon, please visit veganvilleoregon.org. You can donate to Veganville here through PayPal or join their Patreon!

4 thoughts on “Episode 27 – Veganville, OR: A Sustainable, Loving, and Compassionate Destination”

  • Yes, thank you for this article, Cecilia is right sustainable living and animal care should be a priority. Thank you Veganville and Cecilia for your vision.

  • Very thoughtful and well done. Scary to think a dairy in Las Vegas has no cows and is getting cheap milk from California to package as their own.

    • Yes, sad to say that that is how it usually goes. Such a tragic industry. Thank you so much for listening and for your feedback, Bill!

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