Episode 31 – A Feral Pig Lover And Protecter | Tracy Frank from SARA Sanctuary

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Episode 31 - A Feral Pig Lover And Protecter | Tracy Frank from SARA Sanctuary
Video review of SARA Sanctuary

Have you ever seen 300 tame feral pigs gathered together and living their best lives? You can do this, and more, at SARA Sanctuary (Society For Animal Rescue and Adoption) in Sequin, Texas. Although “tame” and “feral” sound like they just don’t mesh, Tracy explains how they can and do. SARA is home to over 600 pigs, horses, dogs, cats, cows, goats, donkeys, birds, rabbits, and more. Just a rural drive from the San Antonio airport, SARA welcomes visitors from all over the globe and is launching two Airbnb rooms right in the barn. Despite the fact that Tracy, the founder, grew up on a cattle ranch and farmed animals for food, SARA has been around for 25 years after she went vegan and then began rescuing cats and dogs. Fast forward to today and she cares for over 100 dogs on her property and protects the largest tame feral pig population in the US. Tracy tells us about the 4 billion dollar feral pig hunting industry, how she is pushing back against it, and what we can do to help.

Arial view of the feral pig enclosures at SARA

With decades of of blood, sweat, and tears under her belt while running a sanctuary, Tracy is an expert when it comes to rescuing farmed and domesticated animals. She sets an example for animal lovers, new rescues, vegan activists, and long-standing sanctuaries alike on how to run a successful sanctuary. Tracy provides each animal with the attention, love, space, and vet care that they deserve.

You can visit the SARA Sanctuary website here and contact them here. Please donate if you can and support their live-saving fundraisers when possible. For a feed of cute and lovable faces, follow SARA on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re looking to adopt, read their success stories here and fill out an application here to get started. Book your stay at SARA here.

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