Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary Episode 1

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Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary Episode 1


In this episode I sit down at the picnic table by the goat pasture with Dr. Bill and Dr. Ellen Crain, the founders of Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary.  We discuss Dr. Bill Crain’s work and his book The Emotional Lives of Animals & Children – Insights from a Farm Sanctuary , the work Bill and Ellen do at the sanctuary, the first animals they rescued and the trials and learning curves of starting a sanctuary.  Bill discusses the psychology of animal behavior, and how that contributes to the study of humans, as well as the different emotions that animals have.  

Ellen talks about the goats and their first rescue, the compassion of people who help animals, and tells the story of Boomer and Mattie when they had to go to Tufts for vet care.  

They talk about the importance of connections made between children and animals during tours at the sanctuary, the story of the homeless man who bought chickens from a live meat market to save them from slaughter,  and about their upcoming move to a larger farm down the road from where they are now, which they spent their savings on. They are excited to be able to rescue more animals and to share this work with visitors.

Bill talks about his activism and civil disobedience to speak out and stand up for the bears who are being killed in New Jersey, and he an Ellen discuss their work to help the deer in New York and how they stand up for sharks in the fishing industry.  

Joy Gomez, manager of Safe Haven Sanctuary takes a break from her chores to sit down with me to discuss her work at the sanctuary, and her story and transition to veganism.  She talks about the animals they care for and how some of the animals are treated in animal agriculture. We are sitting outside beside the chicken pasture watching them enjoy life, and listening to roosters crowing. In the distance I see the sheep and the goats grazing. It’s a beautiful setting, one that I hope you can visualize as you listen to the podcast.

This entire interview was recorded outside at the sanctuary, so naturally there are sounds from the animals and birds, and the occasional truck passing by.

Dr. Bill Crain’s book is beautifully written and easy to understand.
These chickens came running up to join us as we sat down at the picnic table to record this episode.

To learn more about and to support the work being done at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, please visit their website: and follow them on Instagram – Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

To purchase Dr. Bill Crain’s book go to:

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