Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman

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Episode 7 - Arthur's Acres - Todd Friedman

In this episode Todd Friedman tells the story of how Arthur’s Acres was started and talks about the animals he has rescued.  

We discuss the dark side of animal agriculture, about different alternatives and options to meat products and the impact animal agriculture has on innocent animals.  

Karl and Todd

Todd talks about his newest beloved resident, Max and his rescue story, as well as Karl, a 1000 pound pig who is a gentle and sweet being. He talks about the intelligence of pigs, the enrichment he does at Arthur’s Acres and the connections people make with the animals when they visit the sanctuary. 


Todd talks about his one year anniversary coming up, ways to support the sanctuary, and the next step for the sanctuary. 

He talks about the details for the fundraiser coming up at the Peekskill Brewery on November 2 @7PM.  Info. For tickets are on Arthur’s Acres Website.  There will be a silent auction, Vegan Buffet, screening of Wilbur’s adventures with a go-pro and more.  They will unveil the plan for an aqua therapy healing center at the sanctuary, which will be open to all sanctuaries to use as an alternative- holistic therapy for pigs. 


3 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Arthur’s Acres – Todd Friedman”

  • Thanks to your posts I have made a
    great connection with all the animals, sentient beings who deserve love and respect. I am so grateful to your sanctuary for all the lives you save…One day will come when all these wonderful créatures will be considered for who they are: beauriful gifts to be loved ..to be filled with uncondional love

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