Episode 4 Daniel Turbert – The Sentient Project

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Episode 4 Daniel Turbert - The Sentient Project

In this episode, I sit down with my friend Daniel Turbert at Safe Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary in the Hudson Valley in New York (at a picnic table outside!) and it get’s a little windy at times! (“Listen to the Wind Blow” by Fleetwood Mac could be the theme song for this episode), but it’s worth listening to, regardless of the background noise – (nature’s sound effects), trust me.

photography by Jonathan Brant

Daniel and I talk about his award winning film “Cows Come Home” and the attention it is getting on the film circuit. This film won the Social Impact Award at the Anaheim Film Festival as well as other awards, and has been featured at multiple film festivals around the country. He shares details about his experience visiting this inspiring cow sanctuary in Talbot, Tennessee and the inspirational story of Randie and Rick Gentry turning a multi-generational cattle farm into a sanctuary. This film brings us HOPE.

The Sentient Project was started by Daniel in 2017. His activism, photography, film making, and various outreach projects strive to share compassionate perspectives and to promote greater awareness for both human and animal rights . He speaks of his work traveling to different sanctuaries around the world to photograph and to share the emotions and soulful lives of animals.

We discuss Daniel’s recent visit to South America, to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, and how she is making an impact through her programs and outreach as the only sanctuary in Columbia. Daniel’s photographs from that trip can be seen in a recent article in Pacific Root’s Magazine, as well as his facebook page, and website.

Daniel talks about Arthur’s Acres and his friend Todd Friedman (the pig man)…. who rescues, loves, and cares for pigs at his sanctuary in upstate New York.

Daniel talks openly and honestly about the work he has done as an activist and the rescues he’s been involved in, including the many animals rescued during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. His emotional story that still sits with him today of rescued pigs, who he and friends spent the night with, but then had to be released back to the farmer who had left them to drown, was heartbreaking. We discuss different forms of activism and the many ways to be an advocate for animals.

What’s next? Daniel discusses his plans for another trip to South America, his involvement with food relief programs, bringing plant based healthy food, art, yoga and meditation to communities that need help, as well as going to Brazil and back to Columbia to work with, live with, and study indigenous groups, and how they use and exploit animals in the rain forest.

Featured image taken by Jonathan Brant







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