Episode 24 – Maya Gottfried – Author of Vegan Love

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Episode 24 - Maya Gottfried - Author of Vegan Love

Maya Gottfried, Author of several books including “Vegan Love – Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty – Free Gal, With Fashion, Makeup & Wedding Tips” and I sit down in her home in the Hudson Valley to discuss this book, Our Farm, and much more.

Maya talks about her favorite part about writing the book. (Listen to the podcast for the answer!)

In addition to the stories of over thirty people who are interviewed for the book, there are also many tips, facts, and so much information about veganism and how to navigate not only dating and partnering, but also moving towards a more cruelty-free lifestyle. From facts about what happens to different animals in factory farming, to how and where to find vegan/cruelty free makeup, Maya shares it all!

We discuss some of the stories in the book and how many of the omnivore partners eventually went vegetarian or vegan after being with their vegan counterpart.

Our Farm” is a book that is near and dear to Maya. She shares her story about writing this book, what made her go vegan on the spot, and her experience spending time at Farm Sanctuary where she met the animals who inspired the poetry. She is raw and honest about her interactions with different animals, especially a special hen that she met, who initiated change and the beginning of Maya’s vegan journey. Maya shares her personal battle with cancer and how this book, “Our Farm” was her beacon of hope and kept her going through the toughest times, during her treatments, and recovery.

Maya shares with our listeners what she writes for Veg News Magazine, what is coming next for her, and what vegan LOVE means to her.

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