Episode 18 – Helena Lundblad – Magical Creatures of Hamakua

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Episode 18 - Helena Lundblad - Magical Creatures of Hamakua
Helena with her best friend Janice who is now three years old.

Helena Lundblad and I discuss the details of how Magical Creatures of Hamakua began and how she became a large sanctuary overnight. She tells the story of her best friend Janice the goat and how she nursed her back to health after Janice burned all four feet in a campfire.

Velvet in the back, and piggies, Jaqueline, Bash, and Zora. All rescued during the lava flow evacuations in 2018.

Helena shares the story of a cow rescue on the Big Island and what goes on there in animal .

five rescued dairy cows.

We discuss compassion fatigue and burnout and how Helena deals takes time to recharge.

Helena is bottle feeding a calf rescued from the
dairy industry.
Volunteer Rosemary and Herbie the Pig enjoying a cuddle!

To support this magical sanctuary, please visit their website.


Kate the lamb and Charlie the kitten enjoying some cuddle time.

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