Episode 17 Cows Come Home Sanctuary – Randie Gentry

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Episode 17 Cows Come Home Sanctuary - Randie Gentry

Cows Come Home Sanctuary located in Talbott, Tennessee is such a magical place filled with lots of love and a very inspiring story. Randie and I sit down on her front porch overlooking the cow pasture, and have a heartfelt conversation. She shares her story publicly for the first time, which is not only heart wrenching, but also profoundly connected to her incredible desire to end the multi-generational cattle ranch that her husband and father-n-law had been running for many years.

She explains why she just couldn’t not speak up and do something for the cows and babies that were being separated every time they were taken to auction. The look in their eyes reminded her of a time when she herself feared for her own life.

As a survivor of long-term domestic violence, who am I to turn a blind eye to the fear, sorrow and hopelessness to other living beings?”

Leaving an abusive relationship is one of the hardest things someone will ever do. In the end, I was able to do for them (my pig, Tusok and Scottie, Cubbie Roo) what I was not able to do for myself. I would never have wound up on a cattle farm if not for my second pig, Tobie. So, my first pig saved MY life. My second pig led me to the cows so I could save theirs.”

Randie shares how Cows Come Home came to be a sanctuary, and “The Mayor” who turned everything around by sharing a message with Rick Gentry. (The Mayor is a cow, by the way)

In addition she talks about the cold and rainy day that a sweet little calf named “Lou” was born, and how everyone thought he was dead until Rick Gentry saw him blink his eyes. The road to recovery for Lou was long and arduous, until a magical moment happened in Randie’s kitchen after many days and nights of touch and go for the calf, who was living inside Randie’s house. Lou’s love for Silk Soy Milk has become the talk of the town, and his sweet and kind demeanor makes him the perfect greeter for all who visit the sanctuary.

We discuss ways to support Cows Come Home and the work they are doing. The new barn needed for Lou, shelter for the cows in the pasture, and extra hay to make up for what was lost in the drought season.

Randie talks about opportunities to visit and tour the sanctuary, as well as unique volunteer needs. To learn more about this incredible sanctuary and the work they are doing, please visit the website and follow on social media.




2 thoughts on “Episode 17 Cows Come Home Sanctuary – Randie Gentry”

  • My name is Valentina, I am an English teacher in Italy and an animal rights activist and a volunteer everywhere I go. I knew Cows Come Home through its film and also visiting the wonderful sanctuary. Thanks to this podcast I have known more details about the story. I find it very well written and clear to non-native speakers, also, in the interview , a lot of space was given to Randie to talk, with a lovely background, and sountrack of the cows. I loved it and as soon as I heard it the first time I contacted Kim to know her. I can’t wait to read more about other people and places she will go too, until one day I will have the pleasure to hug her in person.

    • Valentina,
      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m so glad that we have connected!! I hope that we get to see each other when you visit again! Thank you for all the work you are doing to educate children, and for the animals at sanctuaries.

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