Episode 16 Farmshire Animal Sanctuary

Episode 16                                        Farmshire Animal Sanctuary
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Episode 16 Farmshire Animal Sanctuary
photo taken by Daniel Turbert – The Sentient Project
Sarah, with her beloved pig friend, Kermit

During a recent trip to North Carolina I was excited to visit Farmshire Animal Sanctuary located in Clyde, just outside of Asheville. It was awesome to visit with the animals, and to sit down with Sarah and Calen to talk about this beautiful sanctuary and the work they do.

Henry say, “Happy Thanksgiving, and please don’t eat my friends”…..

Calen talks about their role on the farm and their travels.

Calen and Henry

Sarah and I discuss the animals who live there, how they were rescued, how they keep the farm running, and the sustainability of the sanctuary. They are getting ready to open the cottage on the property as an Air BnB for visitors in December. If you are able to visit, they have volunteer opportunities, as well as classes on building and sustainability.

Tim teaching at the natural building workshop

Sarah talks about the many ways to help out sanctuaries from visiting and volunteering, to sharing posts on social media.

Hagan and Cedar with Harry Potter

We also talk about the many cow farms in the area and Sarah’s relationship with the farmers who raise cows for beef.

Gwendolyn, enjoying her nap on this sunny day

To learn more about this sanctuary and the work they are doing, please visit their website and follow them on social media!

Chloe enjoying the freedom to roam around and root in the dirt




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