Episode 13 Lindsay Rubin – Vice President of V-Dog

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Episode 13 Lindsay Rubin - Vice President of V-Dog

In this episode, Lindsay and I talk about V-dog which was founded in 2005 by the late Dave Middlesworth, and his wife Linda, two vegans with two rescue pit bulls, who wanted an ethical vegan dog food for their dogs. They started V-dog to provide cruelty free and nutritional food for companion animals. Lindsay has been with the company since the beginning and helps with strategy and optimizing growth among other things.

V-dog makes, kibble, chew treats, and breath bones that dogs love! (My dog especially loves the breath bones!!)

We discuss the nutrition in the product and how dogs love the food, as well as thrive on it. Lindsay discusses the healthy ingredients and how dogs get everything they need from the V-dog brand. She talks about the myth that dogs need protein from meat to survive. V-dog has pea protein, quinoa, vitamin and protein rich plants, and other ingredients, as well as essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need.

My dog LOVES V-dog and loves the treats and the breath bones!

Hudson Beller

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