Episode 11 The Humane Cowboy – Brece Clark

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Episode 11 The Humane Cowboy - Brece Clark

In this episode, Brece Clark (The Humane Cowboy) and I have an authentic, raw conversation about his journey from horse trainer, bull rider, rodeo participant, to the “humane cowboy” who works full time at a farm sanctuary who rescues animals. Brece talks about growing up on a dairy farm and his work on the farm, as well as his life as a horse trainer. He shares his story of how he walked away from that way of life and is now working at Sasha Farm Sanctuary in Manchester, Michigan. Brece talks in detail about what goes on in the horse training industry – things the average person never things about.

Brece talks about the breaking down of horses through violence to get the horses to do what the trainer wants them to do, and how the horse gives up their freedom when they are trained to be ridden and used for entertainment. He talks about methods he used and some of the more extreme measures and practices of the Tennessee walking horses.

Brece shares his journey and talks about his personal experiences, how his decisions have affected his relationships with his family and how he lives his life today.

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If you would like to learn more about what happens to horses who are exploited, check out Horse Racing Wrongs.

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  • Such a positive and encouraging message- I think the Humane Cowboy (Brece Clark) is relatable to so many and is making a huge impact in creating and cultivating a more humane and compassionate world. Thank you both for a great episode!

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