Episode 29 – Healing and Hope with 4Them Sanctuary

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Episode 29 - Healing and Hope with 4Them Sanctuary

From heartbreak and cancer to healing and hope, Leslie Naylor’s life was changed because of one cow. Join us this week, in a cow pasture, as we sit down with the founder of 4 Them Sanctuary in Tennessee. She tells us about her small starts of hiding injured animals in her closet as a young girl in hope to help them recover to now being a grown, inspiring, bad-ass and dedicated activist who takes care of cows, chickens, goats, a donkey, a duck, pigs, dogs, cats, and more.

The currently have some special needs animals to take care of including BB the goat and Stevie the blind duck. Let’s talk about BB!

Read BB’s story in this Instagram post written by the sanctuary:

“A lot has been happening with this boy. Time to update. I noticed with his wheelchair he was swinging his legs and using them for balance. We started laser therapy soon after. 

From the start, BB kept telling me he didn’t want to be a house goat. He refused to wear diapers, immediately ripping then off. The Drs even had to stitch a bandage on his boy surgery because he would rip the bandages off. He had to do 30 days confinement and that went well. He settled in. When his wheels arrived and he got to go outside and explore again, he got more and more restless. I have to carry him and he would literally throw a tantrum and not want to go in. 

I decided to try a stall. He was breaking out of his pack n play and it was getting too dangerous in the house. I heard him loud and clear. So, we have made BB a huge, soft bedroom in the barn. Including his treasured TV. Aunt Sandie brought it for him and got it all hooked up on Saturday. He absolutely loves it! He has 2 chicken friends hanging with him, his stuffed animals, a fan blowing on him and Disney movies playing. I know this was the right move for him. 

The big news: I saw BB get up on his legs and walk a few steps yesterday!!! 1% y’all. 🙌🏼 There is no stopping this determined little boy. He was even taking his right leg, lifting it and scratching his head. I’ll be honest, I was beginning to think the laser was not helping but I’m back on board and we are going to try to add in acupuncture for him as well!!! If you are looking for me, I’m chilling with BB watching movies. 😂 

Go, BB! 😍💓💯💪🏼If you would like to donate to BB’s rehab. We all would be so very thankful. ♥️”

Donate to 4Them:
– Via Venmo: @Sanctuary-4them
– Via Paypal: leslie@4themsanctuary.org

Follow 4 Them on Instagram and read Stevie’s, the blind duck, story here!

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