Episode 28 – NM Farm Sanctuary | “How were we lied to for so long?”

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Episode 28 - NM Farm Sanctuary | “How were we lied to for so long?”

My partner and I had the privilege of visiting New Mexico Farm Sanctuary and having a conversation with the dedicated co-founder, Julie Cerros, back in February of 2021. Although the pandemic was raging on, we took a masked and socially-distanced tour of her place before sitting down to learn more.

New Mexico Farm Sanctuary is one of the most warm, welcoming, and inviting sanctuaries that I’ve visited over the years. Gabriel and Julie Cerros have truly created a space strangers turn into friends and friends soon feel like family. The couple runs the vegan animal sanctuary together and take care of goats and pigs who get a second shot at life. Their “Meet The Family” page on their website introduces you to all of the residents by name! They also have rescued dogs and cats that roam the property.

They are currently fundraising for water tanks for fire fighting. They need 3 tanks that are $1450 each. NM Farm Sanctuary says: “We are working with a group called CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) that is training us on evacuation techniques and what to do if we have to shelter in place during a fire. They have determined that we need three 1200 gallon tanks, placed strategically around the property, to be able to shelter in place and fight it if we get blocked in or they shut the roads down. We need fire pumps, generators to run them, and water tanks. We have money for the pumps and we have 1 generator already, but really need the tanks as they are the expensive part. We can have them filled by a local water company and will have them to fight fires with and use for water for the animals should the electricity go out and we lose power to the well house that supplies our water here at the sanctuary. So we need to raise $4350 to buy the tanks.”

To learn more about NM Farm Sanctuary, you can donate to them here and visit their website. Be sure to find them on Instagram and follow them on Facebook!

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