JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

JP Farm Animal Sanctuary located in Litchfield, Connecticut had their second volunteer day yesterday. (Sunday, October 20th) So many people showed up to lend a helping hand, unloading hay, cleaning stalls, putting fresh bedding in the pig barn and more. Oscar and Lynn, the founders of the sanctuary, and Oscars sister, Britt and her husband Rob greet all guest, visitors, and volunteers with open arms, big smiles, and hugs! The energy at this sanctuary is amazing. In addition to volunteering, everyone enjoyed a huge bonfire, a round table (around the fire) discussion, and a potluck dinner with delicious plant based dishes. If you are anywhere near Litchfield, I highly recommend going to their next volunteer day, or scheduling a visit to the sanctuary. This place is SO awesome.

Ethan has stolen my heart.
photo by Lenny Beller

Follow JP Farm Animal Sanctuary on all social media and on their website to stay tuned to all the exciting things they have going on and to learn more about the work they are doing and the animals they have rescued. You can listen to the podcast episode with them on Spotify, iTunes, or here on the website.

The last time we visited the sanctuary to meet their newest residents, Beanie Tofu, and Dolphin, (two adorable rescued pigs) I played my harmonium for them and the cows. I think they liked it!

We LOVE visiting and volunteering at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary!