Meet the founder

Kim Beller (she/her)


Kim Beller, founder of Sanctuary Tour,  is an artist, activist, humane educator, RYT 200, vegan mentor, and protector of animals.  Through her service work and activism, she aims to support animal sanctuaries, activists, and organizations who help and rescue animals, by sharing their work and stories, to raise awareness and to educate about issues with animal cruelty and suffering in animal agriculture, and about plastics and pollution in our oceans and environment.  

A native of Wilmington, North Carolina, Kim now resides with her family in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville.  While on the coast of North Carolina, she worked to protect sea turtles, whales, and dolphins, and to help keep the beaches and ocean clean. During a brief time in the Hudson Valley in New York, she worked as a humane educator and volunteered at different farm sanctuaries. Kim is dedicated to working with sanctuaries and sharing her love and passion for art and vegan food.

Wherever Kim goes, there is usually an impromptu cleanup involved as she strives to keep littered plastics from the rivers and oceans. Kim is an ambassador for Plastic Ocean Project, a vegan mentor with New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program, an artist and art teacher who paints art for a cause to support various charities and organizations, an RYT200 teaching yoga and meditation, a humane educator, and an activist who will always use her voice, resources, and time to advocate for animals and for the planet. She is married to her best friend for 25 years (2020). They have two grown daughters, a rescue dog named Hudson, and a rescue cat named Rio. 

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Friends- blog contributors and volunteers !

Jonathan Brant (he/him)

Jonathan Brant is a sanctuary volunteer and former intern at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, where he met Kim. He is graduating from Eastern Michigan University in the Winter semester of 2020 with a degree in Elementary Education. Also an artist, Jonathan focuses on mixed media art, primarily collage. He and his parter love to explore vegan foods from cuisines across the globe and seek to demystify what it means to live compassionately. Jonathan believes that veganism is not just about what we eat and wear but also who and what we support and advocate for. This leads him to advocate strongly for intersectionality within the movement to end all forms of oppression, and challenge his surprisingly quiet and unconfrontational nature to advocate for those who need it most.  

Jonathan’s blogpost that we discuss in Episode 3 of Sanctuary Tour Podcast is HERE.

Lenny Beller (he/him)

Lenny enjoys visiting sanctuaries and volunteering when he has time off. He has always been an animal lover and has been vegan for a couple of years now; advocating for animals and their well being when he has the chance. Once he learned of the suffering that happens to animals in animal agriculture, he was eager to learn more and to spread the word to others. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside Asheville, North Carolina with his wife, Kim, their two daughters and rescue animals.

In addition, Lenny enjoys hiking and exploring the mountains, and spending time with family.

Calen Ann Otto (they/them)

Calen Ann Otto is an activist, a blogger, and a freelance writer who focuses on unlearning the harmful ideas that society has taught us while advocating for social justice for human and non-human animals alike. Their blog is constantly updated at Calen is also the host of the Unruly podcast, where they interview humans that they meet during their adventures. 

After becoming vegan six years ago, Calen now spends their time participating in vegan outreach projects, disruptions, creative demonstrations, and documenting the horrors of animal agriculture while rescuing its victims.

Additionally, Calen is the Project Assistant for two anti-dairy campaigns: Mothers Against Dairy and Milk Hurts.

They also have a passion for traveling, nature, yoga, and animal care.