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Episode 19 – Sarah Beth – Animal Rights Activist

Episode 19 – Sarah Beth – Animal Rights Activist

Sarah Beth is an animal rights activist and avid volunteer living in upstate New York. After learning about the many deaths of horses associated with horse racing, Sarah began protesting with Horseracing Wrongs, an organization founded by Patrick Battuello, that exposes the many wrongs in…

Episode 12  Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

Episode 12 Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

Amy Burkman is a professional artist, activist, philanthropist, a cancer survivor, and advocates for animals and humans through her art. She does live painting for events and galas to support and raise money for different causes, charities, and non-profits. Amy has traveled around the world…

Episode 3 with Jonathan Brant

Episode 3 with Jonathan Brant

Episode 3 with Jonathan Brant
Sanctuary Tour Podcast

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Episode 3

Jonathan Brant – from Maybee, Michigan 

20 year old animal rights activist, artist, musician, writer. Jonathan is in starting his third year at Eastern Michigan University and is studying to become a teacher.

Jonathan volunteers and interns at farm animal sanctuaries and works to make the world a more compassionate place for humans and for animals.

Jonathan’s “open letter to a curious omnivore” has gained lots of attention, as well as changed hearts and minds.  We discuss the importance of having support and role models when transitioning to veganism.  

Jonathan discusses his journey to veganism, his last piece of an “animal” that he ate, all he has learned through the help of friends, and the importance of researching the motivation behind ditching meat, eggs, and dairy. 

Jonathan talks about the plight of different animals in animal agriculture, his plans to become a teacher, his work at Sasha Farm Sanctuary as a volunteer, and his internship at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.  He tells heartfelt stories of connections with animals at sanctuaries, which are both inspiring, and somewhat humorous!

We discuss all of this and more in this episode of Sanctuary Tour – the podcast. Please listen, rate, review, and SHARE! Thank you so much for your support.

Visit Jonathan’s blog to read his “Open letter to a curious omnivore”

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