Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

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Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Lauren tells the story of how HHHH Farm Rescue was started, and her first rescue, Celtic (a horse), and purchasing her own farm when she turned 25. She discusses her second rescue and the latest rescue (Beau) another horse.

They recently rescued Veda (meaning life) and Sasha (meaning protector) two sisters from an auction selling animals for a sacrificial holiday.

Lauren talks about the use of animals as property, the tags and paint their “owners” use to identify them, and the reason for this in animal agriculture.

We discuss the plight of animals in the industry, from animal agriculture to horse racing. We talk about her rescued cows and how friendly and sweet they are. (they are best friends) Lauren and I talk about the heart on Hamilton’s head, (who I mixed up with Oatmeal)… and their rescue story.

Lauren discusses ways to support the sanctuary, volunteering, and their visitor day coming soon.

HHHH Farm Rescue is a family affair. Lauren’s family is very involved with helping keep the sanctuary running by helping out and supporting her mission.

If you would like to support HHHH Farm Rescue visit the website. Links to donate and other info. are on the site.



To learn more about the horse racing industry, visit Horse Racing Wrongs:



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