Episode 6 – Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary

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Episode 6 - Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary
Oliver and Jennie

Jennie and Jason Hays, the founders of Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary, in Luther Oklahoma talk about the work they do and the animals they rescue. This animal sanctuary is run solely by volunteers. Jennie and Jason work at other jobs to support themselves and the sanctuary, and they have volunteers who work with them and also have other jobs. It’s a labor of love for sure.

Jennie tells us about the first animal they rescued, a pig named Clarice who was an ex- FFA pig and talks about the detrimental effect that programs like FFA and 4-H have on children and their families. These programs are designed to teach children where their food comes from, (which is a good thing) and how to take care of animals, but the end result, after they have loved and cared for the animals is that they are slaughtered for food. This is particularly hard for the young children who have raised and become attached to these animals.

Jennie talks about their beloved Oliver, a sweet camel who the sanctuary is named after and the plight of camels and how they are exploited.

In this episode we discuss “compassion fatigue” and ways to stay healthy when you are rescuing and caring for animals full time.

We discuss different issues with animals in animal agriculture and some of the rescues they have from beef and dairy farmers, as well as the importance of communicating respectfully and professionally with farmers and ranchers. Jennie talks about the love the farmers have for the animals, even though for us it is hard to understand how they do what they do.

Jennie tells us how to volunteer, visit, and support the sanctuary. They have volunteer days and also private tours with hands on time with the animals to get up close and personal with them.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing sanctuary and support the work they are doing please visit their website, or better yet, go visit in person!!


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