Episode 26 – Podcast Announcement | Know This About Going Vegan

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Episode 26 - Podcast Announcement | Know This About Going Vegan

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The cover photo shows residents from New Mexico Farm Sanctuary. The black and pink boy on the left is Soda Pop and the one in the doorway is Hemmingway.

Hi, my name is Calen. If you listen to this episode, you will learn that there are some changes happening at the Sanctuary Tour podcast! I recently took over the show and recorded a podcast episode with a (dare I say?) pre-vegan. After living vegan for around 8 years now and eating a diet that is free of animal flesh or secretions, it is easy for me to forget about all of the questions, worries, and criticisms I had about this lifestyle and ethical choice before embracing it. So, I put a call out into the world wide webs for someone who might be on the beginning of that journey that I embarked on years ago. 

My guest, Ahlix Gunn, came to the conversation harboring some thoughtful questions about about vegan ethics, a plant-based diet, animal rights activism, and much more. As we dove deep into the world of veganism, I took a non-judgmental approach to a conversation that can often and easily turn into a heated debate. (For good reason!) 

So come one, come all! Vegans and non-vegans alike! Let’s talk about truth, ethics, activism, and the future of the planet.

Mural at Oh My Soul vegan resturant in Charlotte, NC

Ahlix presented multiple questions in this episode that deserved thorough and thoughtful answers. In addition to listening to our conversation, you can read more on the topics discussed here:

Food & Nutrition

Q: Where do vegans get protein?  

A: www.livekindly.co/5-myths-about-protein/

Q: What are some healthy plant-based fats?  

A: https://allplants.com/blog/lifestyle/healthy-fats-for-vegans

Q: Can vegans still workout, body build, or gain muscle on a plant-based diet? 

A: www.greatveganathletes.com/category/ve…dybuilders/

Food from Oh My Soul in Charlotte, NC

Vegan Ethics 

Q: What about “humane” meat and dairy? 

A: freefromharm.org/common-justifica…-product-claims/

Q: Is it vegan to consume honey? 

A: www.livekindly.co/is-honey-vegan-why-bees-make-it/

Q: But what about [xyz, excuses to not live vegan]…? 

A:  freefromharm.org/eating-animals-a…-justifications/

Q: What about eating eggs from backyard chickens?

A: freefromharm.org/farm-animal-welf…erstanding-harm/

Eat plant-based on a budget: http://wanderwoman.online/index.php/2018/07/22/eating-plant-based-on-a-budget/

How to navigate “traditional” menus as a vegan: http://wanderwoman.online/index.php/2017/05/01/eat-well-and-travel-vegan/

Try a weekly plant-based meal plan: www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/we…ere-to-begin/

Eat plant-based with allergieswww.livekindly.co/ultimate-vegan-d…guide-allergies/

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