Episode 2 Hope Spot Hatteras- (a sanctuary for marine animals) with Bonnie Monteleone

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Episode 2 Hope Spot Hatteras- (a sanctuary for marine animals) with Bonnie Monteleone

In this episode Bonnie Monteleone, co-founder of Plastic Ocean Project shares the story of how Hope Spot Hatteras was put on the map.  Through her own research and the research of UNCW students they were able to map where an abundance of diverse sea life and sargassum was living just off the shore of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to give this information to Mission Blue, (Dr. Sylvia Earle’s organization that deems areas in the oceans a hope spot), and to share this bio rich location with the world.  Hope Spot Hatteras is a sanctuary to a plethora of marine life, from tiny sea creatures to the North Atlantic Right Whale.

Bonnie discusses her studies and finds, as well as her interactions with the fishing community on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and how they are working together to educate the community, and to clean the littered plastics from the ocean.  

Bonnie says. “It is a great time to be alive, because no time in history have the decisions of each and every one of us had such a role in things either getting better or worse.”

We discuss solutions and how we can all make a difference by moving away from fossil fuels by boycotting plastic.  

“To have a cause is to have a purpose.”  I encourage everyone to find a cause or two or three that you are passionate about and believe in.  Use your voice and do everything you can to make the world a better place.  

Please check out the following websites to learn more about Hope Spot Hatteras and other topics from our discussion.


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