Episode 19 – Sarah Beth – Animal Rights Activist

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Episode 19 - Sarah Beth - Animal Rights Activist

Sarah Beth is an animal rights activist and avid volunteer living in upstate New York. After learning about the many deaths of horses associated with horse racing, Sarah began protesting with Horseracing Wrongs, an organization founded by Patrick Battuello, that exposes the many wrongs in the horse racing industry. After meeting Nicole Arciello, Vice President and Patrick Battuello, Sarah began to participate in more protests and to help out at events with Horseracing Wrongs.

Sarah talks about her work as an animal rights activist, the first protest she attended, and the people she met who supported her on her journey to veganism. Sarah shares her personal testimonial – her story about becoming vegan, and how her experiences with volunteering and visiting sanctuaries made a huge impact on her that she hopes to share with others.

We discuss the importance of understanding not just animal rights, but also human rights and the impact animal agriculture industry has on humans working in dangerous and horrific conditions.

To take a tour and volunteer with Sarah at a sanctuary in New York, Connect with Sarah on Facebook!

To learn more about Horseracing Wrongs please visit their website or their Facebook page, or email: Patrick Battuello, Founder, President, Director (patrickjbattuello@gmail.com)

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