Episode 12 Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

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Episode 12 Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

Amy Burkman is a professional artist, activist, philanthropist, a cancer survivor, and advocates for animals and humans through her art. She does live painting for events and galas to support and raise money for different causes, charities, and non-profits. Amy has traveled around the world painting murals, live painting, and connecting with animals and people through art.

We discuss her technique of painting on the canvas upside down, using black or dark canvas so the shadows are already there, and performing live for audiences, which she calls “live art for heart.” She has raised close to half a million dollars through her art and performances, and is in the process of starting a non-profit – “Good Art Project” so that she can help more people, causes, and charities around the world.

Amy knew at a very young age that she was an artist. Her first painting was a cow! (one of her favorite animals) From the beginning, Amy changed her diet and became vegan, and from there became more involved with activism through vigils, and marches and now through her art. Her goal is to promote animal rights in a positive way, through art and education.

She was working in a bank and decided to follow her passion and start helping people through her art through traveling and painting for causes around the world. She moved to Southern California and learned more about painting murals. She later traveled to West Africa to paint educational murals. Her work incorporates her favorite things – traveling, painting, and helping others.

She has been to lots of sanctuaries painting for fundraisers and events. We talk about the Gentle Barn and the story of Karma the cow. Please visit their website to support and to get the full story of Karma HERE!!

To learn more about the work that Amy is doing and to support her non-profit, follow her on Instagram (Amy Burkman Official) and Facebook, and visit her website .

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