“The Mayor”
Cows Come Home Sanctuary – Talbott, Tennessee
Lou and Randie Gentry – Founder of Cows Come Home Sanctuary
Rick Gentry with Kong and Star
Auggie and Hagan Beller
Cows Come Home Sanctuary
Hagan and Cedar enjoying time with Harry Potter at Farmshire Sanctuary in Clyde, NC
Henry – Farmshire Sanctuary

Rebecca Moore – Founder of Institute for Animal Happiness with
some of her feathered friends
Woodstock, New York
Caregiver Tom, with good friend Gus at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary – Poughquag, New York
Daniel Turbert talking to the sheep at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary during his photography session there.

Milly likes to direct while Daniel is getting the perfect shot.
Photo by Jonathan Brant
goat love.
Photo by Lacie Beller
Mack is the best boy. Safe and free from harm at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary.
Lacie and Camryn getting love from and giving love to Milly
Some of the flock at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary when we were doing an interview outside.
Playing harmonium at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary while Elvis stood close by to listen.
Photo by Brooke Burbee
High Falls, New York

Mikey getting up close and personal while I serenaded him and his friends.
Photo by Jean Rhode

Ethan has stolen my heart. JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Photo by Lenny Beller
Litchfield, Connecticut

Playing harmonium for cow friends at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Photo by Lenny Beller
Litchfield, Connecticut

The goats at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary were especially curious about how the music was happening from my harmonium.
Photo by Jean Rhode

Buddy the Goat is from North Carolina, so we have a lot in common.
photo by Jean Rhode

Beatrice is queen. She is one of the long time residents at
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Matt Dominguez and Carlina Rivera with activists in NYC on the day of the vote to ban foie gras in NYC.