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Episode 15 –                          Mark Hawthorne – Author of Striking at the Roots – A Pratical Guide to Animal Activism

Episode 15 – Mark Hawthorne – Author of Striking at the Roots – A Pratical Guide to Animal Activism

I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Mark at the Gray Barn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, to discuss his book, Striking at the Roots- A Practical Guide to Animal Activism. Mark recently released the second edition of the book, (ten year anniversary) with…

Do vegans wear leather?

Do vegans wear leather?

This is a question that is asked often, and I believe there is more than one answer. Becoming/ being vegan looks different for each individual person, and I feel very strongly that we are to respect where everyone is on their journey. I know that…

Episode 14                                       Rebecca Moore – Institute For Animal Happiness

Episode 14 Rebecca Moore – Institute For Animal Happiness

Episode 14 Rebecca Moore – Institute For Animal Happiness
Sanctuary Tour Podcast

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After years of experience working with animals at different sanctuaries, Rebecca started her own “micro-sanctuary,” Institute For Animal Happiness. She and I sit down in her home in Woodstock, New York to discuss micro-sanctuaries, Hudson Valley Vegfest, and much more!

Rebecca explains what a “micro-sanctuary” is, and how the animals at these sanctuaries get such focused and individualized care. She started out taking in “special needs” animals from various sanctuaries that she worked at and volunteered with. The sanctuary is very professionally run. They keep animal records on all of the birds, and are laser focused on keeping every animal space clean and safe.


She talks about the care of the animals, and ethical standards of the work they are doing, as well as different health issues that some of the birds have.

Rebecca encourages anyone interested in micro sanctuaries to check out Triangle Chicken Advocates, and the Micro-Sanctuary Resource Center, who coined the term “micro-sanctuary.” They have a plethora of information to share. In addition, she talks about the importance of volunteering or working at a sanctuary, or with rescued animals in some capacity before thinking about starting a micro sanctuary.

Having some cuddles with Larry Rooster

We discuss the issues with eggs and the oppression of all females in animal agriculture and the health problems that the birds have because of how they have been bred to lay so many eggs. She talks in depth about the denigration of these birds, the history of chickens, and all of the issues that come along with the practices used in the industries that exploits these animals, including what happens to the baby males born into the egg laying industry. Rebecca shares what they do with the eggs that the chickens lay at Institute For Animal Happiness.

We touch on the link between veganism and feminism while discussing what the females go through in these industries.

Rebecca and Sande Nosonowitz started Hudson Valley Vegfest together a few years ago, and it has since grown and moved locations. She talks about this journey and how the Vegfest helps to offset the operational costs of the sanctuary.

Rebeccas shares, “I feel like we have a responsibility to do two things: 1) empower each other and lift each other up. We shouldn’t waste a minute of our time with people who do the opposite of these things. 2) support any respectful, intellectual critical dissent within any group or organization, if it is towards the goal of inspecting and improving ethics, or if it creates dialogues towards positive improvements of any kind.”

We discuss all of this and so much more in this episode! To learn more about the sanctuary, visit their website:

The Institute For Animal Happiness

Hudson Valley Vegfest

Episode 13                   Lindsay Rubin – Vice President of V-Dog

Episode 13 Lindsay Rubin – Vice President of V-Dog

In this episode, Lindsay and I talk about V-dog which was founded in 2005 by the late Dave Middlesworth, and his wife Linda, two vegans with two rescue pit bulls, who wanted an ethical vegan dog food for their dogs. They started V-dog to provide…

How often do we need to use the word “vegan” ?

How often do we need to use the word “vegan” ?

Lately, I’ve heard so many people talk about the word “vegan” and how it is overused. I talk about this with Jonathan Brant in episode 3 of Sanctuary Tour Podcast. The term “go vegan” is said so often by so many people in so many…

Episode 12  Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

Episode 12 Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist

Episode 12 Amy Burkman Artist- Activist- Philanthropist
Sanctuary Tour Podcast

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Amy Burkman is a professional artist, activist, philanthropist, a cancer survivor, and advocates for animals and humans through her art. She does live painting for events and galas to support and raise money for different causes, charities, and non-profits. Amy has traveled around the world painting murals, live painting, and connecting with animals and people through art.

We discuss her technique of painting on the canvas upside down, using black or dark canvas so the shadows are already there, and performing live for audiences, which she calls “live art for heart.” She has raised close to half a million dollars through her art and performances, and is in the process of starting a non-profit – “Good Art Project” so that she can help more people, causes, and charities around the world.

Amy knew at a very young age that she was an artist. Her first painting was a cow! (one of her favorite animals) From the beginning, Amy changed her diet and became vegan, and from there became more involved with activism through vigils, and marches and now through her art. Her goal is to promote animal rights in a positive way, through art and education.

She was working in a bank and decided to follow her passion and start helping people through her art through traveling and painting for causes around the world. She moved to Southern California and learned more about painting murals. She later traveled to West Africa to paint educational murals. Her work incorporates her favorite things – traveling, painting, and helping others.

She has been to lots of sanctuaries painting for fundraisers and events. We talk about the Gentle Barn and the story of Karma the cow. Please visit their website to support and to get the full story of Karma HERE!!

To learn more about the work that Amy is doing and to support her non-profit, follow her on Instagram (Amy Burkman Official) and Facebook, and visit her website .

Episode 11 The Humane Cowboy – Brece Clark

Episode 11 The Humane Cowboy – Brece Clark

In this episode, Brece Clark (The Humane Cowboy) and I have an authentic, raw conversation about his journey from horse trainer, bull rider, rodeo participant, to the “humane cowboy” who works full time at a farm sanctuary who rescues animals. Brece talks about growing up…

Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

Episode 10 – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director

In this episode Rachel McCrystal and I sit down in the grass pasture with the turkeys at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Rachel introduces the beautiful turkeys and tells us that Beatrice is nine years old, which is very uncommon for turkeys to live this long. Beatrice…

Episode 9 FREEDOM FARM SANCTUARY in Olesh, Israel with Adit Romano and Ruth Levy-Abramson

Episode 9 FREEDOM FARM SANCTUARY in Olesh, Israel with Adit Romano and Ruth Levy-Abramson

Episode 9 FREEDOM FARM SANCTUARY in Olesh, Israel with Adit Romano and Ruth Levy-Abramson
Sanctuary Tour Podcast

00:00 / 48:12
Founders of Freedom Farm Sanctuary, – Adit Romano and Meital Ben-Ari with Shai their turkey friend.

Adit Ramano is the co-founder of Freedom Farm Sanctuary in Olesh, Israel. She and Ruth Levy Abramson, humane educator and translator for the farm sit down with me to discuss the work they are doing, the animals they have rescued, how the sanctuary was started, and more.

Meital and Adit with Gary, the sheep who thinks Meital is his mother. 

Adit shares the moment she went from being a vegetarian for 17 years, to a vegan, after learning about the dairy industry from a video lecture she watched, and how she knew she wanted to do more. Adit was an entrepreneur, a business professional and has now dedicated her life to rescuing and caring for animals at her sanctuary. Starting the sanctuary in Israel was a challenge and after 2 years, the sanctuary was up and running. She and Meital Ben-Ari founded the sanctuary together.

One of the first rescues at the sanctuary is a cow named Maayan. She was a tiny baby when she was found and it is assumed that she had been birthed on a transport truck heading to slaughter, and she fell off the truck. You can visit the website to read her story!

Ruth also talks about Baruch, the sheep, his transformation since coming to the sanctuary, and how he supports newcomers to the sanctuary.

Adit speaks of the mama sheep (Mazal) who was reunited with her babies and the time it took for her to know she (and her babies) were safe at the sanctuary.מזל-האמא-ובנותיה-מזל-ומאיה/

Ruth talks about the educational work they do at the sanctuary, touching on the five senses to interact with and teach visitors about the animal agriculture industry, and the farm sanctuary world where animals are safe and living a life without fear. She walks us through what a tour feels like at the sanctuary and how people who experience meeting the animals and making the connections are profoundly moved.

Adit discusses what she believes is the root of violence – habits with our fork and knife. She discusses the importance of visitors to the sanctuary, and their connections with the animals at the sanctuary. The opening of minds and hearts starts the change. Ruth talks about the tours and how it turns out that the animals at the sanctuary are not much different than our dogs and cats at home. I reference the book “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows” written by Dr. Melanie Joy, PhD.

In addition to what we discussed on the podcast, Ruth also adds, “Many of the rescued animals were saved due to their physical disabilities-the industry has no use for them. At the farm, we go to great lengths to rehabilitate them and give them all the love in the world.”

Billy the goat with Devek the barn cat.
Nir has a prosthetic leg and enjoys grazing in the fields of green grass.

Yael and Billy enjoy hanging out together.
Billy and Amir enjoying a bite to eat together.
These two friends love each other! – Roy with Billy

Adit speaks about ways to help the sanctuary and how every little bit helps. Follow on all social media to stay in touch with the work they are doing and the rescue stories. (link below for website)


Episode 8                                  HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Episode 8 HHHH Farm Rescue with Lauren Rosborough

Lauren tells the story of how HHHH Farm Rescue was started, and her first rescue, Celtic (a horse), and purchasing her own farm when she turned 25. She discusses her second rescue and the latest rescue (Beau) another horse. They recently rescued Veda (meaning life)…