Kim Beller, founder of Sanctuary Tour,  is an artist, activist, humane educator, RYT 200, vegan mentor, and protector of animals.  Through her service work and activism, she aims to support animal sanctuaries, activist, and organizations who help and rescue animals, by sharing their work and stories, to raise awareness and to educate about issues with animal cruelty and suffering in animal agriculture, and about plastics and pollution in our oceans and environment.  Kim lived in Wilmington, North Carolina until December of 2018 when she and her husband relocated to the Hudson Valley in New York.  While on the coast of North Carolina, she worked to protect sea turtles, whales, and dolphins, and to help keep the beaches and ocean clean. After moving to New York, she has been working as a humane educator and volunteering at different farm sanctuaries in New York, and helping to keep the river and mountains clean.  Wherever Kim goes, there is usually an impromptu cleanup involved as she strives to keep littered plastics from the rivers and oceans. Kim is an ambassador for Plastic Ocean Project, a vegan mentor with New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program, an artist and art teacher who paints art for a cause to support various charities and organizations, an RYT200 teaching yoga and meditation, a humane educator, and an activist who will always use her voice, resources, and time to advocate for animals and for the planet. She is married to her best friend for 24 years. They have two grown daughters, a rescue dog named Hudson, and a rescue cat named Rio. 

Sanctuary Tour – Board of Directors

Jonathan Brant – Secretary

Lenny Beller – Vice President – Treasurer

Kim Beller – Founder – President